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Plugged Plumbing Fixture

A plugged toilet, sink, bathtub or floor drain? You most likely will require a drain cleaning Sherwood Park plumber.  Therefore it’s a good idea to know what’s involved in a drain cleaning Sherwood Park job. When you as a homeowner have to deal with this it can be a huge problem.  There are a variety of reasons for a drain to plug. The following is a breakdown of causes for a sewer line to be plugged and ultimately require professional drain cleaning services.

Collapsed Pipes

Older homes have sewer lines are made of cast iron pipes internally and have orangeburg pipe on the outside .  Over time, the pipes that carry your homes’ sewage to the main city lines or another destination may collapse or have roots damage them.  Collapsed sewer pipes are not repairable. Therefore , replacing the pipe is your only option. In addition, Streamline offers pipe replacement through our excavation division.

Tree Roots

If tree roots are damaging your lines you will need to have the lines augured with a drain cleaning machine.  A drain cleaning machine has various bits that attach to the head of the drill. A tree root removal job is accomplished with a  cutter head and drum auger. Many people are choosing to replace their pipes all together for ease of mind down the road.Solid waste stuck in a pipe is the most common cause of obstructions. That;s why it’s never a good idea to introduce material into a pipe that cause an obstruction. Excess amounts of toilet paper, toys, tampons, excess cooking grease etc are some examples. After a drain cleaning Sherwood Park job is complete, we  follow up with a camera inspection. This is to ensure that no other problems exist. We ensure that no other obstructions exist by doing so. As a result, we never have call backs on drain cleaning Sherwood Park jobs. Rather than have ongoing backups, we eliminate the problem for good. Believe it or not, drain cleaning requires skill and experience. A plumber needs to be very familiar on the latest drain cleaning equipment. A reputable plumbing contractor will continually train their employees on the latest drain cleaning methods and equipment. Streamline Plumbing is proud to be a drain cleaning Sherwood Park plumber expert.  We understand that plugged lines requiring drain cleaning Sherwood Park happen at all hours of the day. Therefore, we offer 24/7 emergency service.


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