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Air Conditioning in School

Air Conditioning in School

Is air conditioning in school important for students to learn and teachers to teach?  Indoor air quality within buildings people are spending lots of their time is important for learning and being productive.  With summer (hopefully) around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about getting your air conditioner unit installed or inspected to ensure optimum performance.

Being in a comfortable space for a majority of the day, whether it be cool in the summer or warm and cozy in the winter; does have a positive effect on the way people work.   Some schools and office buildings do not even have air conditioners, or do not have a properly working air conditioner.  The chance of you being able to concentrate or learn decreases if you are hot or uncomfortable.  When you are very hot or extremely cold, your brain is telling your body that and thus taking energy from learning or working to cool off or warm up.  Being exposed to these warmer conditions can also decrease interest or alertness in employees or students.

air conditioning in school

Should Air Conditioning a School or Office Building be Mandatory?

This has been an ongoing battle for years as it seems every summer the temperatures rise.  Fans just do not do the trick anymore, especially when trying to cool of a larger room.  This battle may not be as large of a concern for our Alberta employees and students as it is for our neighbors in the East.

Every year Toronto seems to be the victim of a massive heat wave.  Health Services warns people to stay inside, in the shade and drink plenty of water.  But where do you go to stay cool if you do not have and air conditioner?  In this article, you will read about how one apartment building was trying to beat the heat but having many of the tenants install window air conditioner units that the landlords did not approve of and forced them to be removed.  In another article we read about how students were always being forced home due to feeling sick because of the heat inside the school.

So why are we not doing more about this?  Yes, money is always a factor as these large cooling units are not cheap but in the grand scheme of things is it not better to be efficient at school and work then have to miss days from being sick?

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