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Air Conditioning Installation

It is something everyone wants but no one wants the initial hassle of installation, especially as a business owner.  We all know the importance of keeping the space clean and safe for customers and employees, but also open during regular hours to not lose out on the business.  Here are some tips for when the time does come for your air conditioning installation:

  1. Find an appropriate place for the air conditioner to go.

This will be something that we will highlight when we  look at the property.  We will suggest the best place for the air conditioner based on the uses of the building for everyone’s comfort.  We will also want to make sure the desired area is accessible for future maintenance.

  1. Make sure everyone knows about the installation

All employees and/or tenants should know of the installation date of the air conditioner ahead of time to give them a chance to prepare.  You will want to make sure it does not affect any plans they may have for the selected day.  Also, keeping your tenants in the loop will ensure they stay happy!

  1. Ensure the area is clean before starting any installation

Make sure the complete work space and any areas we may need access to are fully available.  We do not want to impose or affect anyone’s progress at work so if this is the case finding an alternate place for desks, etc. may be necessary and greatly appreciated by our technicians to install your air conditioner!

  1. Explain to your employers/tenants the benefits

Our techs will explain to you the benefits of installing an air conditioner and welcoming us in for regular maintenance.  It will make for a more comfortable work space for employees and customers.  Regular maintenance will also ensure expensive downtimes are avoided (we do our best to maintain all mechanical needs of your workspace, however not everything can be avoided).

  1. Enjoy a day off

If you would prefer having your air conditioner installed on a day when no one is in the space; give your employees a day off may be the best option.  This will ensure no one gets in anyone’s way.

air conditioning installation

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