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Air Conditioning Installation

Air Conditioning Installation

Streamline Plumbing and Heating has highly skilled technicians. The technicians are responsible for many successful air conditioner installations.  Streamline Plumbing and heating has provided air conditioning installation services to the capital region for over 5 years. Commercial and residential customers included.  Before installing just any air conditioning system, a friendly Streamline technician will go through all your options. Once your home is evaluated,the technician will evaluate your lifestyle to make sure the correct air conditioner is installed.

Having an air conditioning installation in your home is more than just having a cool place to relax after a long day of work in the summer months.  Air conditioning systems also offer humidity reduction in your home.  By dehumidifying your home, you are making the air more comfortable for your family and your house. If you do not have an air conditioning system, you are probably leaving windows open to let the cool air in during the night.

But you may not feel comfortable doing that all day when no one is home or at night.  By having an air conditioning system installed, you are reducing the security risks in your home. Please read this article related to crime and burglary related to open windows. Hence,  you can keep the doors and windows closed and locked while enjoying the coolness of your new air conditioner.

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Having the proper air conditioning system installed

Getting an air conditioner in your home is not as simple as picking one off the shelf and going home to install it.  Call the professionals at Streamline Plumbing and Heating.  We will provide you with a free quote and home evaluation, and then go over a couple options that would be best suited for your home and family.  Since every home is different, the unit your neighbors have may not be the same one that works best for you.  The new air conditioning system needs to be correctly sized for your home to ensure your utility bills are not negatively affected.  While one of our technicians does a home evaluation for your air conditioning installation, they will look at your existing furnace and duct work.  They will need to ensure the duct work you have now will be suitable for your new equipment or if an upgrade is necessary to get the most out of your new air conditioner.  It is important the size of the air conditioner is also right for your home. Having and air conditioner that is too big or too small with negatively affect your comfort and your utility bills. After the evaluation is complete, the technician will go over the top suggestions for your home.  They will suggest different SEER (seasonal energy efficiency rating) ratings you can go with.  The higher the SEER number, the more energy efficient the unit will be.


Financing Options

So now you have decided on what system you would like installed in your home, but you don’t want to set the cheque book back.  No worries!  Streamline Plumbing and Heating is proud to be partnered with SNAP Financing to offer homeowners financial freedom when upgrading or adding on to their home comfort system.  The air conditioning installation process in your home can begin immediately after being pre-approved.  All you need to do as a home owner is fill out a quick pre-approval page online and select what plan works best for you.  Once it is submitted, your technician will receive notice of your approval and work can begin.  After the installation there are just a few more quick forms to fill out and you are all set to enjoy your new air conditioning system!


Why trust Streamline Plumbing and Heating

With so many companies out there that offer air conditioning installation services, it may be difficult to find the right company.  Before you make any decisions, you should do some home research.  When looking at company reviews from satisfied home owners, you will notice Streamline at the top of many of these lists.  We have been able to achieve and maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, be one of the top three contractors for ‘Three Best Rated’ for Edmonton and area, and much more!  You can check our reviews from various websites where our customers have found us and rated our services.  We also stand by our customers, if you notice something is not quite right, or are not completely satisfied with our services, we will ensure to make it right!  We understand the importance of word of mouth, which is why the greatest compliment we can receive is a referral!  Speaking of referrals, if you refer a new customer to Streamline Plumbing and Heating for an air conditioning installation, we will gladly give you a rebate off your next call with us (even though no one looks forward in calling a plumber!).


Carrier Authorized Dealer

Streamline Plumbing and Heating in Sherwood Park is proud to be a Carrier authorized dealer for all your heating and cooling needs.  Being that Carrier is one of the top choices for an air conditioner or furnace, makes choosing us and choosing Carrier a no brainer!  We stand behind the product we sell to our customers and we want those companies to do the same.  If you ever have an issue with your Carrier system, know us and them will do everything we can to make it right for our mutual customers.  Do not hesitate, contact us today!


In conclusion, choosing Streamline Plumbing and Heating for your air conditioner installation is the best choice you can make for your home and family. Our friendly, highly trained technicians will not force a more expensive model on you, but rather make suggestions you are comfortable with.  Once the installation process begins, we will continue to shine in our work ethic, cleanliness and professionalism.  At the end of the install we will go over any questions you may have to ensure you are comfortable operating your new system and will be able to properly enjoy it for years to come.  Don’t hesitate, contact us today!