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Air Conditioning Replacement

Air Conditioning Replacement and Installation Sherwood Park

Why put up with an ugly, noisy, inefficient window unit? A new central air conditioning system will deliver sweet refreshment all summer without ruining your ability to enjoy your home environment or take up space.

Streamline has the perfect air conditioner for all budgets, size of home, and efficiency requirements. We are a factory authorized dealer for Carrier, one of the world’s most trusted brands, so you know we’ll install it perfectly. If you need financing, Streamline can help through Snap.

Air Conditioning Sherwood Park System Tune Ups Will Save You Money

Most homeowners don’t know it, but they’ll get more out of their air conditioning systems with regular tune ups. Here’s why:

  1. Your Streamline technician can catch those small issues before they stress other parts and become big, emergency problems.
  2. When it’s precisely tuned, your air conditioner will run more efficiently and save on energy costs.
  3. By keeping those small issues in check, you’ll extend the working life of your air conditioner to the fullest. You won’t need to buy a new system as often.

It’s just like that old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

air conditioning Sherwood Park
Things to Know About Air Conditioner

  1. Air Conditioning removes moisture from the air in your home. During the humid summer months, your air conditioner will remove excess moisture from the air. This amounts to a greater level of comfort.
  2. Air conditioning systems have come a long way. They are far more efficient. Now the average home owner can afford to have air conditioning. The higher the SEER rating the higher the efficiency.
  3. Completing regular maintenance can catch small problems before they become large ones.
  4. Replacing an air conditioning system can be more cost effective than repairing one. A retrofit is an economical option.
  5. Cover your air conditioner in the winter. Covering it will increase the units life span.
  6. Turn the power off over the winter months.
  7. Never turn the thermostat setting lower than 20 degrees Celsius. Doing so will cause your system to freeze.

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