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Boilers and Hot Water Heating Sherwood Park

People have been heating hot water using boilers for many years.  Over time they have evolved in appearance, size, efficiency and applications. A boiler can be used in a wide array of applications but are most commonly used in heating. Boilers can be used for hydronic heating in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Hydronic heating using boilers has increasingly become a popular source of heat in homes due the efficiency and desired heating effects. Boilers are used to keep both objects and air warm using hydronic heating effect created by boilers. The hydronic heating effects created by a boiler is a form of radiant heat transfer and as such, heats objects rather than air, thus making hydronic heating a more efficient and desired form of heating your home.

plumber repairing a boiler
man repairing a boiler

There are well over thirty manufacturers of boilers meaning you have a wide variety to choose from. It is highly recommended that when building a new home or renovating your existing home to consider installing a new state of the art high efficient condensing boiler. Boilers have the unique advantage over a forced air heating furnace that the boiler can double as a means of heating your homes domestic hot water system.  This can be done through  a heat exchanger or directly through the boilers secondary heat exchanger (certain codes must be met). With this added feature of a high efficient boiler having the capability to heat your homes domestic hot water, there is an additional energy saving of replacing the older style, inefficient atmospherically vented hot water tanks.

Boiler Repair

Streamline Plumbing and Heating takes great pride in being Sherwood Park’s trusted choice to be your homes boiler repair specialist. Consider the fact that we are capable to repair any make or model of hydronic hot water heating boilers. With the advanced technology of today’s high efficient condensing boilers, it truly takes a highly skilled educated professional tradesman to service and repair your homes boiler system. With over 20 years of experience and training, Streamline Plumbing and Heating is your first choice to take good care of your homes boiler system.

Boiler Replacement and Installation

When faced with the decision to repair or complete a boiler replacement for your homes boiler system, there are many factors you should take into consideration. Older boiler systems which are atmospherically vented (boilers with the metal pipes coming off the top of the boiler) are anywhere from 40% to 80% efficient. This means that a 40% efficient boiler is releasing 60% of the available heat in the combustion process into the atmosphere rather than being used to heat your home. Conversely, an 80% efficient boiler is releasing 20% of the available heat in the combustion process into the atmosphere. Even an 80% efficient boiler is not a feasible option in this day and age with the world needing to go green and reduce carbon emissions and release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. So when faced with the decision of a costly boiler repair, consider what technology has to offer today.

Boiler Maintenance and Combustion Analysis

The following detailed tasks is a list of what is required to bring your homes’ boiler up to optimal running conditions when Streamline Plumbing and Heating Ltd. performs boiler maintenance.

  1. Check gas pressure: Over time the components which regulate your boiler systems gas pressure get out of calibration and will require an adjustment.
  2. Combustion Analysis: This task is carried out with a state of the art recently calibrated combustion analysis to ensure your boiler is burning the correct fuel/air mixture. The test checks for levels of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, excess air, flue gas temperature, nitrogen content and many other combustion byproducts that are important in maintaining good combustion.
  3. Heat exchanger cleaning: A yearly cleaning of your boilers heat exchanger is important to prevent your boiler from accumulating carbon or soot build up over the course of your boilers operation.

Hot Water Heating, Infloor Heating and Hydronics

Streamline can also help with the installation of in-floor heating within your home or commercial space.  Give us a call today to speak with one of our technicians.

Check out our protection plans.

Boiler Protection Plan

Boiler maintenance through a boiler protection plan is something everyone should have but few people actually do. There are many more advantages to disadvantages when it comes to maintaining your homes boiler system. Please consider the following list of problems that readily occur in boiler systems when contemplating whether you should consider a boiler protection plan:

  • Wrong fuel/air mixture in burner: This condition occurs when either the gas pressure is not set up properly or the air supply is inadequate for the combustion proceed or a combination of both. A properly trained technician from Streamline will adjust and set up the proper fuel/air mixture to ensure your boiler is running at optimal combustion parameters.
  • Plugged heat exchanger: Under improper combustion, there is a tendency for a boilers heat exchanger to soot (carbon up) and continually build up carbon fibers on the face of the heat exchanger. Over time, the build up of carbon on the top of the heat exchanger starts to build up to the point that the products of combustion are not able to make an easy passage over the heat exchanger and through the chimney. When this condition occurs, there are several dangerous conditions that are now a hazard.
  • Overheating of the heat exchanger: this condition is a byproduct of a plugged heat exchanger. This condition causes the metal material the heat exchanger is made up of to weaken and become prone to damage and warping. This can turn into a catastrophic event should the metal rupture and cause major flooding in your home.
  • Decreased efficiency: This is a by product of either a plugged heat exchanger or improper combustion or a combination of both. This is a situation where you are burning money into the atmosphere rather than using the money to heat your home. A poorly maintained boiler can cost hundreds of dollars over the course of a winter due to poor efficiency. Boiler maintenance through Streamline’s boiler protection plan will pay for itself in one winter.
  • A service technician will spot parts or equipment associated with your boiler system that are on the verge of failure. At that point a technician can change the parts early in the heating season causing no downtime of your boiler system and in return avoid a breakdown in the middle of winter and leave your home without heat for hours or possibly days.

Keep your boiler and hot water heating system in factory-fresh condition all year round. Get complete peace of mind for $25 per month – that’s just $0.80 a day! Call us today!

For more information on our boilers please check out: https://streamlineplumbingandheating.com/boilers/ 

Here’s what you get:

  1. $250 in Free Services
    • Your boiler system will be checked as per our tune up checklist.
    • Hot water/hydronic heating system will be checked as per our tune up checklist.
    • Any questions or concerns you have during our annual visit will be gladly answered by one of our professionally trained technicians.
  2. Guaranteed Same Day Service
    • As a member of Streamline’s platinum boiler protection plan maintenance agreement you will go to the top of the line ahead of any non-contract customers.
    • 2 Hour maximum wait time for any service call.
  3. You Get a 10% Discount on Repairs.
    • As a platinum agreement club member, you get a 10% discount on any of our straight forward pricing fees.
  4. Help Out Your Family
    • We will offer a 10% discount to any of your immediate family members who require service or repair to their home comfort system. We want to help you take care of your family.

Keeping your home boiler system in factory fresh condition guarantees piece of mind and this is only possible with a Streamline boiler protection plan.