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Gas Line Installation

Gas Line Installation Professionals Serving Sherwood Park and Strathcona County

BBQ Gas Line | Gas Stove | Gas Drier | Natural Gas Reftrofit

Streamline Plumbing and Heating is your gas line installation professionals. We offer a wide range of services to ensure your gas line installation is done correctly, safely and up to code.

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Gas Line Installation of any Kind Is Our Specialty For The Residents of Sherwood Park and Strathcona County.

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BBQ Gas Line Installation

Propane is a pain!!! Always having to go get tank refills, doesn’t flow in colder temperatures! And have you burned your self from a propane flash back? Sounds like it’s time to switch your BBQ fuel to natural gas. Have a natural gal line installation for your BBQ will eliminate all these problems.Sounds like a good idea? Streamline takes pride in completing gas line installations for our customers. We can provide every imaginal solution to get a gas line installed for homes new natural gas BBQ.

We can even excavate or directional if the job requires those services. Our sister company, Streamline Services Ltd. specializes in excavating, trenching and directional drilling and site services installations.

Gas Kitchen stove

Ever watch those great cooking shows and notice how all the cooks use natural gas ovens and stoves? It’s the preferred method cooking by the experts. So maybe by getting a natural gas line installation completed for your kitchen stove will boost your level of cooking talent? If it’s not already we could help you make in prefect!  Streamline Plumbing and Heating have done many gas line installations for kitchen stoves like yours over the years. Therefore we have overcome many obstacles in installing and running gas lines. Kitchen stoves probably give the most amount of obstacles to overcome. Hence why we consider ourselves experts in gas line installations.


Garage Heater Installation

Do you hate waking up in the morning and having to start your car on cold days before you go to work. Have a gas line installation completed for your new garage heater you always. With today’s technology the cost of installing garage unit heaters make it a very reasonable investment.

Gas Drier Installation

Although electrics cloths driers a fairly efficient, they will never be as efficient as a gas drier nor as fast. If you are a big fan on natural gas appliances then why not add one more. By converting your electric drier to a gas drier also take a big load off your electrical panel. By having a gas line installation replace the 30 amp breaker it takes to power most driers take a big load off your electrical draw at peak times of the day.