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Sump pump repair Sherwood Park

Sump pump repair Sherwood Park

sump pump repair edmonton

This is probably one of the most important systems in some people’s homes these days and usually gets the least attention until disaster strikes.

Most homes with basements these days rely on sump pumps to keep your surrounding foundation and under your concrete slab dry. This added protection helps keep moisture out of your home and protects your foundation from un-necessary pressures and movement .
The problem is that most people forget about these precious little systems until there is a big rain storm and all of a sudden your basement is flooded. In an instant, your basement is damaged and potentially thousands of dollars’ worth of personal items are destroyed. And in some cases the damage to personal effects that are irreplaceable such as photos, or family heirlooms. Not to mention the thousands to replace and repair flooring, drywall, furniture, and eventually you suffer the issues this added moisture brings such as mold and airborne spores.
Don’t be stuck dealing with insurance, adjusters, restoration companies, and giving away your precious time. Don’t be stuck without the use of you basement if you require a sump pump repair Sherwood Park.

With a simple call we can alleviate your concerns and protect your home. With the new sump pump technologies we can provide you and your family the protection you need today with a sump pump repair Sherwood Park. We offer the sale and install of a duplex pump system. This means you have two pumps protecting your investments. Quite simply; how do most people discover their pump is not working? It’s usually when your basement is backed up.
With the new duplex pump systems, not only do you have two pumps protecting your home; but you actually have a system that tells you when one pump is failing. As well you have a backup battery to protect your home when power is lost.

The advantages are obvious and some insurance companies will also offer savings if you install your duplex pump system today!
Book your consultation today before the spring thaw and receive 10% off a new duplex pump system!

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