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Tankless Water Heater

Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heater Edmonton experts.

tankless water heater
tankless water heater

Why replace your conventional atmospherically vented hot water tank with a tankless water heater? This is certainly a question you should be asking yourself. The answers are simple. It’s an investment into your future.

1. A conventional HWT is simply a large container of water that’s typically heated from the bottom. You may have noticed the overall design of these tanks have not changed in many years. This is a very inefficient method of heating water and quite simply a huge waste of energy. Some conventional tanks are as poor as 65% efficient. This means that 35% of the gas that’s used to heat this tank is simply lost to thin air. Imagine if you could capture most of that wasted energy. You can with a high efficient tankless hot water heater.

2. The other loss of energy with a conventional hot water heater is simply the radiant heat loss. This is the heat that is lost or absorbed by the area surrounding the hot water heater. This large mass of hot water is constantly radiating heat into the space around it. You ever wonder why your mechanical room is so hot when you walk into it? Think of that loss of energy; especially in the summer months when you don’t need the extra heat in your house.

3. With a world that’s putting so much emphasis on the environment, its time to make a change to a tankless water heater. This change can not only save you money, but allows you more comfort and is easier on the environment. The advantages of an on tankless water heater or also known as a demand water heater are significant. Not only do you have endless hot water but you can actually fill and enjoy those soaker tubs that seem to be in every home these days. Don’t be stuck taking a cold shower because you happen to be the second in line to take a shower. Enjoy the comfort of having a tankless water heater. And feel the comfort of knowing your actually using less energy getting the hot water you deserve.
Enjoy the benefit of having the extra space in your mechanical room when those big storage tanks are gone and you have a new high efficient heater neatly mounted on your wall.

check out Rinnai’s website at:https://www.rinnai.ca/tankless-water-heater

check out Navien’s website at: http://us.navien.com/

Streamline has been installing these systems for a number of years in the Edmonton and surrounding communities. We can save you money and time . Please book you appointment with us today to have our comfort care specialist give you a free quote today!

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